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Software Engineer. I learn, design, and code software products and services.

My path towards software development began during my college years, when I gained experience in Python/Django for academic projects. Subsequently, during an internship, I expanded my skills into Ruby on Rails, before eventually finding my niche in JavaScript/NodeJs. Presently, my focus lies on full-stack development.

Along the way, I've enjoyed sharing the knowledge I've gained through my professional and personal experiences via blog posts and video tutorials. I also make occasional contributions to open-source projects, which help me stay up-to-date with the latest developments in programming and software development.

I excel in challenging environments and am always looking to learn and improve.

Akash Giri

Work Experience

Software Engineer


Software Engineer I

  • Working on the back-end. Primarily working on APIs using Node.js and GraphQL.
  • Developing APIs for different Microservices using Node.js, GraphQL, and databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Built infrastructure to track, log and analyze usages of APIs by end-users, which helped to make judicial businesses decisions and enhance the right features
  • Formulated guidelines and best-practices for Git and GitLab which was incorporated organization-wide
  • Increased responsiveness of web pages by shifting implementation of search, pagination, and autocomplete to server-side from client-side. This reduced the size of multiple pages by at least 70%
  • Heavily optimized and rewrote some core APIs using best GraphQL implementation including dataloaders, conditional rendering and caching, reducing fetch time down to almost 0.5 seconds from 5-10 seconds

Summer Intern

  • Back-end developer (Ruby on Rails)
  • Developed APIs for total revenue report of the organization based on various protocols and factors
  • APIs are in production and are being used by the whole team (50+) to get revenue data
  • Integrated third party API HyperTrack to get data into revenue dashboard
  • Used a variety of tools such as MySQL Workbench, Postman, SQL queries and worked with back-end team to solve various issues
  • Wrote service classes for fetching data from database and optimized SQL queries for better and faster performance of the APIs

Volunteer - Web Developer

New Tehsil Jhansi
  • Designed Django based website for digitalization of villages land (10,000+) data of district Jhansi. The website is in production and is being used by Tehsil members (50+).

Volunteer - Web Developer

  • Designed crowdfunding website for Mercenary Motorsports club of the college which collected 6 hundred thousand rupees of donation money.


Fine Arts And Hobbies Sub Council
  • This is a college sub council which conducts various activities related to fine arts and hobbies


Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

BIET, Jhansi

Percentage: 65.24


Jubilee Inter College, Lucknow

Percentage: 82.00

High School

Jubilee Inter College, Lucknow

Percentage: 82.00

Personal Projects

Let's Quiz Web App

Let's Quiz: Github

It's a django based quiz website project which conducts quizzes

Personal Blog

Personal Blog: Github

A django based personal blog project.

Resume and CV page

Resume - Akash Giri

It's a simple Resume and CV page designed using Bootstrap4

Camera App landing-page

Camera App: Github

Camera App landing page using Bootstrap4

Online Forum

Online Forum: Github

It's an Online Forum front-end project designed using Bootstrap4

Contact info

Akash Giri
Karnataka 560038, India



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Ruby (Prior experience)

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Ruby on Rails (Prior experience)

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Linux System Administration

Git and GitHub

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