Django for newborn babies

2019, Oct 05    

Of course not for newborn babies
A Django guide for those who are not sure where to start.

Disclaimer: This guide is designed for complete beginners. If you are already a Django developer and want to make this guide better, I would love to see you on the contributor’s list. :)

Table of contents

What is it? An introduction

If you are new to web development and want to learn Django framework, then this guide is for you.
It’s a common problem for beginners to wonder what to do and where to start before learning new technology. So to save time on searching and wondering, this guide will help you learn Django framework.
Please note “This guide is for absolute beginners.”

Things to learn before Django

Instead of directly jumping into Django development, you need to have some prerequisite knowledge. Here are some of my suggestions

Learning Django

After you’ve some prerequisite knowledge, now you can start learning Django framework. Here are the steps:


Any kind of contribution to make this guide better is most welcome. If you want to contribute, please follow this guideline.
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